‘Living the Future’–faux MOAI

Having seeming swum from Chile’s Easter Island, somehow these stone Moai statues are standing in Sun Messe Nichinan, an amusement park near city of Miyazaki, Japan.
Moai faux
The Sun Messe* is quite the place offering faux tiki gods in coconut bikini tops and grass skirts for the tourists along with “Living the Future” T-shirts.

Actually there’s a full alien invasion of fake Moai/tiki gods next to my ward office and train station here in the southwestern part of Tokyo.
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Bewere of the Moai-Tiki—-evil false gods*
ota ward moai fake tiki god

Map of Miyazaki Japan

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5 thoughts on “‘Living the Future’–faux MOAI”

  1. *Yeah, yeah I know that “Messe” in German means trade fair or exposision, but it’s too much fun not call it a “mess”.

    Likewise, I know that the T-shirt on the left is a pun about Moai and Japanese “moe” (pronounced moh-eh), a hyper vague slang term for something one likes, and among anime feakazoids it refers to characters who inspire a protective sort of love.

    Moai worship is evil!
    moai worship is evil

  2. Just for fun, now listen to the music of the Tiki Gods!

    Exotic Sounds of Tiki Gardens
    Music For Maniacs: Jan. 1, 2012
    …Warm up these darkest depths of winter with one of the most expensive exotica albums ever. Yep, this one goes for hundreds of dollars on ebay, and I have no idea why. For one thing, it's not a music album so much as a tourist souvenir record, complete with nerdy narration. As such, it's a fascinating time-travel back to '60s kitsch America…
    Samples (1.1MB, MP3)
    01 Torch Lighting Ceremony #1 (Trader Frank – Twilight Time)
    10 Selected Sounds of Tiki Gardens (Medley)

    Download the whole album via Mediafire (34MB)
    Exotic Sounds of Tiki Gardens

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