Dragon toilegami (toilet paper origami)

classic japanese point oilet paper origami
Many toilets in Japanese businesses are grace with this classic origami shown on the left.
Hell, I’ve even seen the “classic point” in a gas station restrooms here.
However, I never seen this masterpiece of toilet paper origami
Toilegami Dragon!

dragon origami using toilet paper roll
Toilet Roll Origami; Surprise in the Bath Room
GIGAZINE — July 12, 2010

Toilet Paper Origami is creatively called toilegami, and there’s even a book about it . . .
origami toilet paper book how to

Toilet Paper Origami book

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One thought on “Dragon toilegami (toilet paper origami)”

  1. Instructions on how to use the toilet in Japan @ Imperial Palace

    The rest-of-the-story is that in many other countries in Asia and the Middle East, toilets are not able to flush toilet paper and they clog if that is attempted. Used toilet paper must be disposed separately in a trash can {eeew}.

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