Japan perfects robotic salaryman

The 3Yen’s foreign/alien correspondent “Den4″ writes about our previous report on low-tech Japan and robots:
Per this “PV” (Promotional Video), Robots are sararimen….haunted by robo-women who drop rings of power, and endless repeated activities in repetition, creepy pig-masked entities that lurk in the gray offices of Avex record company…

Song name: ROBOT
Group: Do As Infinity
Performers: robo dream-girl– Tomiko Van (vocal); salaryman/sarariman– Ryo Owatari (guitar)
Label: Avex
Released: Jan. 2010
Location: Gray-mundane Tokyo headquarters of Avex in Aoyama

Read more:
Do As Infinity’s Flash-infested website:

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I'm a pale, alien, quadruped who has worked for 25+ years at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc." in Tokyo.

2 thoughts on “Japan perfects robotic salaryman”

  1. Shit Taro…No wonder AVEX records is bankrupt idea- & money-wise.
    The offices at AVEX’s headquarters look sterile and dead—Not like any RECORDING company I’ve seen in the US where there’s lots of color, bling, and (semi-fake) whimsy.

  2. As a Japanese girl, I react to any robot as a symbol of the kami/gods justifying my existence.

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