Danny Choo waxes his dolphin

masterbateathon choke a chickenThe key to Internet success is knowing your market.
In this case, the World-Wide-Wanker extraordinaire, the funloving Tokyo Stormtrooper, Danny Choo, was targeted with free swag to write a “technical review” of a new dolphin waxer, the TENGA with USB, earphones, bio-recording, etc.
If you remember, the 3Yen previously covered Tenga titillations in Japan beats all in the Masturbateathon!

And who says blogging doesn’t pay?

open dolphin waxing danny choo

Flip Hole Review
the folks at Kanojo Toys have chosen me as a target to receive free goods – last time they sent a batch of standard Tengas (review here) and they recently sent one Flip Hole unit. For folks who are not in the know, Flip Hole is a health care product – specifically for folks who own dolphinsmore, more, more….

I just love that engrish copy on the new Tenga:

Also check the 3Yen’s report, Wanker Expo.

WANKERING MACHINES IN ACTION at the Adult Treasure Expo AET 2007

Tip-of-the-twit to colonydrop for the dolphin heads-up.

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8 thoughts on “Danny Choo waxes his dolphin”

  1. No. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. No.NO. No.NO. NO. NO. No. No. NO. NO. NO. NO. No.NO. No.NO. NO. No. No. NO.NO. NO. NO. NO. No.NO. No.NO. No. NO. No. No. NO. NO. NO. NO. No.NO. No.NO. NO. No. No. NO. NO. NO. NO. No.NO. No.NO. NO. No. No. NO. NO. NO. NO. No.NO. No.NO. NO. No. No. NO. No. NO. NO. NO. No.NO. No.NO. NO. No. NONONONONONONO!

    Duuude, you got it all wrong.
    ColonyDrop.com has written an expose’ on how the “funloving Tokyo Stormtrooper” Danny Choo is actually, “a massive, desperate tool must one be to resort to manipulating a bunch of cartoon-obsessed adolescents


  2. I ordered a Tenga flip from Japan because of [Danny Choo’s] review…
    Fun Fact: They marked the shipping documentation content as “Hobby Kit” I busted a gut at the post office laughing when I saw it.

  3. Christoff wrote:
    What the hell does that mean, “mild”? flavored fuck hole?

    According to Danny Choo…

    The Flip Hole comes with 3 types of lotion which is used to lubricate the inner chamber – just like oil is needed in a cars engine. There are three types – Mild, Real and Wild.
    via Flip Hole Review
    tenga flip hole lotion

  4. How-the-WTF is this “news”?
    Danny Choo has been wanking with Tenga for years and writing about it. The specific dannychoo.com article you quote is OVER one year old.

  5. Wild: hyper lubricated recomended 4 backdoor expedishiun
    Real: standard lubrication nothing to write home aboot
    Mild: heavier, induce much more friction.

    Think of it as an equivalent of the damping grease for the rear axle of Tamiya’s F103 and F104 RC Fromula 1 Chassis.

    (I wuz told…)

  6. life-support
    left_super long-quotebar 24x360
    Five sexy females from the planet Venus are sent to Earth to bring back a racial variety of sperm samples to their planet including this Japanese jiji wearing his wanking hat
    —via IMDb.com
    : 2069: A Sex Odyssey (1974)

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