Doggie-bags for bears in Japan

As you can see from the Japanese sleeping bag on the right, I have said before before on the 3Yen that, “sometimes you eat the bear … and sometimes the bear eats you.

Today while I was surfing the Japanese Internet, I stumbled across a doggie-bag for bears that was sold on Japanese TV back in the 1970s as an indoors sleeping bag for kids (see below).
bear bag 1970s japan

The above 70s sleeping bag looks like prior-art* for the the recent Japanese sleeping bag with zippered legs that I reported about in: Perfect-for-sleepwalking-and-bear-escape . . .

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8 thoughts on “Doggie-bags for bears in Japan”

  1. Duuude, get glasses!
    That 70s photo is a DOG bag, not a bear bag!

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