Furry Japanese Nazi

A furry Japanese Nazi CROSS-DRESSER — it must be the heat


….Tokyo temperatures have been running above 100F/38C for a couple of weeks now, and I hope the girl above is cosplaying as “Maus” “Schroedinger” from “Hellsing Ultimate” (Wiki).

The above photo and many more of last Sunday’s Wankfest are available via the Wonfest 2010 Cosplay Digest | Sankaku Complex.

Yeah, yeah, I realize “Wankfest” is officially called “Wonder Festival”
wanker festival logowonder festival wonda

Links to the official site (1) and (2) wondershowcase.com.

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7 thoughts on “Furry Japanese Nazi”

  1. Damn you are right—The FURRY NAZI JAPANESE CROSSDRESSER it just could be the heat….

    Weekly No. of people taken to hospitals for heat stroke tops 9,000
    TOKYO, July 27 (AP) – (Kyodo)–A total of 9,436 people were taken to hospitals for heat stroke in the week through Sunday and 57 of them were confirmed dead in the first medical examination as temperatures continued to soar across the country, according to data compiled Monday by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency.
    The number of deaths is unprecedentedly high as it came to 47 in July and August combined in 2008 and 16 in the two months last year, said the agency which began compiling data in 2008…more…

  2. Hahaha – This is “Schroedinger” from “Hellsing Ultimate” … browse some Wiki b4 you write something about Nazi and Maus stuff … you Noobs xDDDDD

  3. Marchers in Ikebukuro fete Hitler’s 125th birthday anniversary
    japantoday.com | KUCHIKOMI | Apr. 25, 2014
    A group of demonstrators paraded through Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district last Sunday, criticizing China and South Korea while advocating the restoration of the “Great East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere” proposed by Japan in the 1940s
    demonstration was organized by an organization that calls itself the “Gokoku Shishi no Kai” (Group of Warriors Protecting the Nation). They assembled in a small park in East Ikebukuro, the location of the gallows in the former Sugamo Prison, where former Prime Minister Hideki Tojo and six other Class A war criminals were executed by hanging in December 1948.
    “To keep the achievements of our illustrious predecessors from going to waste, we advocate the restoration of the Great East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere, minus participation by China and the two Koreas,” one of the organizers told the assembled demonstrators. Referring to the date as coinciding with the 125th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday, he also noted that “The empire of Japan and Nazi Germany have been portrayed as villains, and in Germany glorifying the Nazis will get a person jailed. We would like to re-investigate the 1993 Kono Statement and Nazi Germany as well, to rehabilitate their good acts and restore their honor.”
    When asked to name the Nazis’ good acts, the speaker was able to come up with the autobahn, but not much else.
    Approximately 40 marchers, who also carried the flags of Tibet and the Taiwan Independence Party, chanted slogans such as “Let’s tie up with Asia, excepting ‘Shina’ (China) and ‘Chosen’ (Koreans),” “Japan should learn from the Nazis’ good points” and “Long live the Chancellor (Hitler)!”

  4. THis girl got my penis so hard it exploded. Now there’s blood, semen and penis shrapnel everywhere…I need to call an ambulance.

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