Bladerunner brolly

The rain still hasn’t stopped falling since I posted this morning about the badass brolly—the samurai sword umbrella (left).

Now, while Tokyo’s apocalyptic air outside is thick, rainy and dark, I just stumbled across an even badder badass brolly– a Bladerunner-eque Electric Umbrella.

bladerunner brolly..
Electric Rainbow Umbrella Blade Runner Style 
Price: $35.00
For those who looking for a cool umbrella, especially during the nights while raining, this electric rainbow umbrella is just what youre looking for. Its your typical umbrella, but has transparent stem that lights up by the power supply that’s encased in the handle. Simply press a button to light up the umbrella and turn off. Each time it lights up, youll get a different color or it will “rotate” through the colors automaticallymore.

bladerunner scene umbrella..

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2 thoughts on “Bladerunner brolly”

  1. Mary Bale the crazy cat chucker reminds me of a Bladerunner replicants — straight after the question in the Voight-Kampff Test of: “the entree consists of boiled dog stuffed with rice.”

    “You find a cat alone in the street. You pet it, and then what?”

  2. Screw the Bladerunner brolly!

    I want a Star Wars LIGHT SABER umbrella!

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