Return of the samurai sword umbrella!


After weeks of 30C/95F hellacious heat, today Tokyo finally feels blissfully cooler like it’s the middle of the Japanese rainy season when I reported on Samurai umbrella last June.

Now you can buy that badass brolly via Rinkya!
samurai sword umbrella via rinkya..
Samurai sword umbrella
for 3,150 yen ($36.30 USD) via Rinkya Stores with commission of $12 USD is a hell of a lot cheaper than the previous price quoted below by the Japan Trend Shop—$94 USD plus $36 USD for shipping, ouch!

My previous post of June 27, 2010….

Samurai umbrella — June 27, 2010
Right now we are in the midst of the fifth of Japan’s “Four Seasons“–tsuyu, the rainy season. Here’s the perfect Japanese solution….

Japan Trend Shop…
The Samurai Umbrella replaces your boring umbrella grip with a Japanese sword handle, into a dashing, rainproof road warrior. We've even included a shoulder case for the umbrella, so you can carry it bandolier-style and free up your hands.….more

This “samurai umbrella” looks so good, it might get you arrested in Japan under super-strict ” Swords and Firearms Control Law” that recently busted and imprisoned a 70 year old American tourist for a week for having a mini Swiss Army knife shorter than his little finger in his luggage.

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4 thoughts on “Return of the samurai sword umbrella!”

  1. I keep envisioning a samurai umbrella with a chon-mage on top….so I guess the golf club umbrella is no longer in style in ever-changing-let’sfashionable Japan? LOL :D

  2. ○ ○ things in the rain for…the battlefield (Japanese workplace), umbrella-type rifle emergency via wacky Goggle Translate
     A “rifle” umbrella in a unique in the shape offer by the Thanko Akihabara shop==Price is 1,680 yen.
    The umbrella mimics the M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle of America…the handle has a looks that wood gunstock, the tip like a gun sight, and theswitch to open the umbrella is the “trigger” more...
    gun umbrella for rainy season

  3. Ahhh, the constant danger of Japan’s rainy season…

    left_super long-quotebar 24x360Man in coma after being hit in eye by umbrella in fight with colleague
    JAPAN TODAY | 2015-June-28
    A 55-year-old man was in a coma on Saturday after he was hit in the eye by an umbrella during an argument with a work colleague in front of Tokyo station…the incident occurred at around 11:45 p.m. Friday. Fuji TV reported that the man was arguing with his 54-year-old colleague, Yasushi Fukunishi, a systems engineermore...

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