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The most popular 3Yen post of the past five years has been Vibrator glasses for a “taller” nose (see right). I was delighted today to receive a comment suggesting:

….you can clip your nose with clippers 24 / 7. i have gained a western nose over the 5-6 teen years where i so frequently had bloody nose, and i am asian with both parents having button nose. clip dat shit!”

It turns out that using a “nose clipper” so “frequently have a bloody nose” does not mean cutting off your nose. In Asian English a “nose clipper” is just a ‘nose clip’ like the following Japanese Nose Up™.


The Japanese advertising copy reads:
Just leave this dainty clip tightly clamped on your nose at all times, and watch your face become more beautiful every day…



Using such nose clips for beauty are one of the most famous medical frauds of recent history.

Called a “nose straightener” in the West over 100 years ago, it’s featured on the cover blurb of the book, “Quack!: Tales of Medical Fraud from the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices

nose-shaper american 1890s



Also check out the top page of the website Museum of Questionable Medical Devices.

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22 thoughts on “Japanese ‘Nose Up’!”

  1. You’re wrong–it really works!
    It made my Japanese nose very tall. I wear mine 24/7 and after 5 years of wearing the nose clip, I got a job in host club sniffing the ladies.
    I also love penis extender, which works just as well as the nose extender.

  2. I cannot but agree too about Japanese medical quackery. I always wanted to write on expose in my site something like that but I guess you’re faster.

  3. But, I cannot agree with previouspost: It’s just not possible, sorry but myExperience differs.

  4. Rodi wrote:
    Are those clips just like swimming clips?

    They’re more like the Clothespin-from-Hell as you can see below. Almost every large drugstore in Japan has them for sale (even though they don’t work).
    cleopatra clothes peg pink
    via Amazon.com


  5. They look like those nose clips that stop water from getting in your nose.


    How is silicone significant in nose manipulation? Like is the silicone suppose to change your nose shape according to these “so called professionals”? Because they use silicone in a lot of these products?

  6. Ouch! Nasenformer “Zello” (Zello Noseformer!)
    The illustrated “nose errors” are:
    1. Potato Nose  2. Saddle Nose  3. Duckbill Nose  7. Wide Nose 4. Pointy Nose  5. Long Nose  6. Hook Nose  8. Slant Nose
    That's vs. the “Greco-Roman Normal Form”, of course.
    via vintage_ads: .

  7. Hi! Nice to meet you. I think your “Nosy” article of your is quite good and it has helped me so much. God bless you!!

  8. Hey Taro!

    Have you heard about the latest product called Nasofix? Its like that Nose Up clip, apparently its suppose to heat up your nose to make it pointier.

  9. Im using nasofix for 10 days now and I can tell it really does emit heat and Im seeing changes, though not yet remarkable changes but i can see my nose transform everyday. I think it works. Taro please try it and make a review about it.

  10. Allan Ferguson wrote:
    I’m using nasofix for 10 days ..Taro please try it and make a review about it.

    You want me try the Nasofix?
    No way. I have a perfect classic nose (see below) and have no need to fix it.
    If you or somebody who represents Nasofix wants to sent the 3Yen the product for review, Mari-chan, the 3Yen’s OL will test it and we’ll write up an honest review of the results.
    nose-no-fixer ← Taro’s nose knows

  11. What ever you guys do don’t buy Nose Magic it doesn’t work! 2 weeks won’t make your nose pointy at all.

  12. Rodi wrote:
    What ever you guys do don’t buy Nose Magic it doesn’t work!

    Nose Magic is just another nose clamp scam.

    Non Surgical Nose Job  NOSE MAGIC

  13. That nose roller and the package are both really posh looking and man its been over 2 years now since coming to your nose blogs.

    I just wonder how many nose shaping posts are there on soompi and yahoo answers.

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