Tokyo pole dancer fail

Viewing this photo on the tiny screen of my iTouch, all I could figure out about this situation is that it was documenting an alien abduction of a pole dancer on a Tokyo commuter train.

missing pole dancer

But, and it was big butt, the above photo turned out to be an interesting* portrayal about the fact that nearly all Japanese males enjoy episodic alcoholism…
missing pole dancer tokyo train japan
View the original, full-size photo is at the Gorilla-boots blog.

There are two key bits of Japanese context needed to make sense of this photo:

  • First, in Japan this is ok since nobody will steal his backpack containing an expensive cellphone, eBook/tablet computer, his 500,000 yen trumpet, and his wallet (which holds on around 30,000 yen, about $355 USD, for an average guy in cash-only Japan)
  • geek goodies japanese train safety

  • Second, in Japan, normal average folks are always strewn about passed out in public—Getting drunk at the end of 16-hour day is the only way can survive Funpark Japan.

  • Sadsack salarymen (3Yen Aug 27, 2010)

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    6 thoughts on “Tokyo pole dancer fail”

    1. gb wrote:
      Where the hell are his pants?

      That’s what made me think at first that he was an alien-abducted pole dancer cum stripper…

      …until I saw the trumpet.

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