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Way back in 2004 on the proto-3Yen (shown on the right), I posted about Greater Tokyo’s sacred forests of Mount Takao, which have remained in their natural state since founding of the 1,200-year-old Yakuoin Temple and the strict Buddhist doctrines forbidding the destruction of any wildlife on the mountain.

During Japan’s feudal era, “even the felling of a tree was a crime punishable by beheading”–The Japan Times (2004/Jul/29): Who prefers concrete and cars to Tokyo’s natural gem?

Despite the religious protection and the 1,200-year ban on development by the Emperor, Japan’s Construction State (doken kokka), the Concrete Criminals of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport celebrated the completion of their desecration of Mount Takao last weekend hi-from-pipo-kunwith “Pipo-kun” (Wiki) , Japan’s dorkest Yuru chara* mascot of Authority.

Google TranslateAnti-Terrorism Partner Pipo-kun

Opening Ceremony for National Route 20 bypass south of Hachioji
This bypass to the central metropolitan area of Tokyo road was opened July 31 and at the opening ceremony the mascot of the National Police Agency “Pipo-kun” made an appearance as our special “ANTEP” — Anti-TunnelTerrorism Partner of Takao mountain.

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5 thoughts on “Lost highway”

  1. Watch Police Pipo-kun in action!
    (Fast-forward to the 1:00 point for the start of stand-up comedy routine.)

  2. You do realise that Pipo-kun is a way of masking the brutal nature of Japanese social engineering, sorry, law enforcement.

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