Diaper-Man terrorizes and robs Tokyo convenience store

diaper mask robber japanese tokyo convenience store

Convenience store robber wearing disposable diapers on his head takes 140,000 yen — South Korean man arrested
*machine-translated Jiji3Yen News | September 5, 2010

Nerima Ward, Tokyo– Last week a robber burst into a convenience store and escaped with 140,000 yen the according to the Shakujii-district police. The robbery suspect was a 55 year old South Korean[1] creatively named “Kim.”

According to the police, Kim burst into the store wearing disposable diapers over his head with holes for his eyes. Kim was said to be using adult diapers on a daily basis because he was suffering from a urinary stones[2] .

At around 5:02 am on August 25, at a Nerima convenience store the suspect theatened the store’s male clerk with a knife by chasing, stabbing at him and yelling in English[3], “Money, Money!” before being caught while escaping with all the store’s cash of 140,000 yen [about $1,660 USD]. 

The rest-of-the-story subtext of this Diaper-Man news report makes this more interesting…

    [1] Most likely Diaper-Man was a 2nd generation Korean born and raised in Japan as as member of a despised Korean underclass (Wiki).
    [2]The Tokyo heat wave (3Yen | 2010-09-02) of the past months would have wildly increased the number and agony of Diaper-Man’s urinary stones (Wiki), which I have heard some mothers describe as more painful than their childbirth.
    [3] Japanese robbers in Japan often use English in their crimes to throw the police off their trail and give the foreigner-hating Japanese police an excuse to round up foreigners as suspects. In this case, the robber used English because the Japanese store clerk would otherwise immediately recognize that the robber spoke native Japanese and was born and raised in Japan.

* Fair use — Parody
This extract from the Japanese
vernacular press has been
loosely translated/summarized
under the principle of “fair use”
and so is the Japanese Captain
Underpants picture composite.

Diaper-headed Man Robs Convenience Store | Japan Probe..

JapanProbe.com has posted a news video of the Diaper-Man caper and this piece of dorky 2ch ASCII art.
diaper-head 2ch

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8 thoughts on “Diaper-Man terrorizes and robs Tokyo convenience store”

  1. I’ve never understood convenience store robbers. It seems like a high amount of risk for what always turns out to be a relatively low amount of money.

  2. Ah, but robbing a convenience store in Japan is so easy because the Japanese are now the world’s wimpiest excuse for subhumans.

    (And, when working at 650yen/hr [$7.70/hr] minimum wage, who the fuck needs to be brave?)

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