Japanese Ink of War (not)

scan me babe
The 3Yen has covered Japanese tattoos several times before such as the Greenpeace Tats or the tattooed Booth babe barcode.

However, none of that other ink was as awesome as this soldier’s “Japanese” skin illustration….

japanese ink of war

U.S. Air Force Tech Sergeant Geoff Gerencer
Believe it or not, Gerencer insists that he's not even such a big Simpsons fan. “I wanted to change up the Japanese style a bit,” he says.

via Wired.com — Danger Room | September 4, 2010 |
The Ink Of War: Afghanistan Air Base’s Best Tattoos

prior art….

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7 thoughts on “Japanese Ink of War (not)”

  1. Yesterday I saw a cop with a full sleeve tattoo. Obviously he had on short sleeves. It gave me a terrible first impression of LA. I have a tattoo but, not on cops. Come on.

  2. Japanese fashion model, Miki Matsumura, sure got punked with her new prison-quality tattoo…
    Miki-Matsumura scalp head tattoo
    larger photos of her fashion-victim tattoos on the original Japanese website, modelpress(goofy Google Translate).
    I case you were wondering, creative misspellings of ‘sex’ on Ms. Matsumura’s ankle tattoo, the other word “AoHaUoL!” is ‘aho/あほ’ appropriately meaning idiot in Japanese—Truth in advertising.

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