Happy 25th birthday Mario!

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Mario turns 25 the 13th of September in Japan.

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Super Mario Bros. was originally released in 1985 in Japan which makes this year the 25th anniversary of the mushroom eating, goomba stomping, raccoon tail flying, Princess is in another castle, platforming series.


Mario Brothers still kicking at 25
asahi.com 2010/09/15
Twenty-five years after jumping out of the videogame arcade and into the living room, the home videogame series Super Mario Brothers is as popular as ever, with over 240 million copies sold, according to its creator Nintendo Co….more

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2 thoughts on “Happy 25th birthday Mario!”

  1. Ha-ha-happy B-day Mario!
    May you have another 25 years of eating mushrooms and getting through clogged pipes.

  2. Via Wil Wheaton’s WWdN: In Exile –

    etherlad: Happy 25th anniversary, Mario. We’re sorry, but your cake is in another castle.
    wilw: Happy 25th birthday, Super Mario Bros! Your cake is in another castle.
    etherlad: @wilw DAMNIT WIL I JUST SAID THAT
    wilw: @etherlad I’m fairly confident that you and I are not the only exceptionally clever people who will come up with this joke today.
    etherlad: @wilw Touché. Can we at least tip our hats and clink our glasses in honor of our exceptional cleverness?
    wilw: @etherlad Indeed we can. Just let me adjust my monocle first, old chap.
    etherlad: @wilw Jolly good, old bean.
    wilw: @etherlad *clink*
    etherlad: @wilw *clink* *mustache twirl*

    via WWdN: In Exile: Posted on September 14, 2010
    more twitter funtimes, the super mario bros birthday edition
    Wil Wheaton says, “Don’t be a dick!”

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