Japanese school nurses offer ‘Ball Relief’!

Today I was reading through the Japanese tweets of Nurse K—One of the 3Yen correspondents who sends me story ideas as well as fanmail pix to brighten my day (see right).

Besides Nurse K’s kinky-but-discreet photos, she often emails me odd news items in Japanese, which I review using Google’s automatic translation feature. Sometimes this results in amusing machine-translation mistakes such as this post about school nurses in Japan offering their students, “BALL RELIEF.”

school nurse on twitter

homeopathic sugar ball
Actually the “BALL RELIEF” turns out to be tiny balls of sugar (lozenges) that school nurses hand out to students for comfort— a bogus homeopathic placebo.

Okinawa homeopathy in school nurse’s offices — sugar balls for students
(Google Translate) Asahi News — September 12, 2010
For more than five years, the public school nurses in Nago, Okinawa, with the parents, principals, and the school doctor’s approval, dispense balls of sugar as homeopathic folk medicine to the students visiting the school clinic….
…according to the “Homeopathic Medical Association” …sugar balls are used when students complain of poor health. The remedy composed of herbs, plants and insects are “substances that cause symptoms,” are diluted with water in soaked into sugar balls.
However, the Science Council of Japan late last month declared that homeopathy is, “absurd and without any scientific basis”

fraud homeopathic sugar balls
Homeopathy: The Ultimate Fake

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7 thoughts on “Japanese school nurses offer ‘Ball Relief’!”

  1. Usually, increasing your intake of salt and fluids will help your balls. Even drinks like GatoradePowerade etc. are OK. You might also stop taking drugs that lower your high bloodpressure if you want your balls to bounce back so to speak.

  2. I felt the following quote from the study summed things up rather nicely:

    “The increasing prevalence of chronic
    condi-tions and an aging popula-tion
    is driving a more holistic approach that contem-
    -plates the whole person and not one specific dis-
    ease state or acute episode…”

  3. nurses-fob-watch

    Nurses fob watch wrote:
    I felt the following quote from the study summed things up ….

    What “study”?
    How the HELLo Kitty →
    am I supposed to figure out these comment bots?

  4. Nurse, witch, they’re all the same with pushing their concoctions.
    Hell, JK Rowling found witchy sounding names for instance toad-flax, gout-wort, grom-mel, and others in Cullpeper’s Complete Herbal, a well-known book of herbal lore from the 1600s.

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