Japan biohazard alert–‘Choco Burger’!!

Friend of the 3Yen, Mulboyne, just spotted Japan’s lastest biohazard from the Lotteria hamburger chain…

lotteria poisonous choco burger

Lotteria’s “Choco Burger” turns out to be an omake/giveaway for their new “Ebi-Mayo Burger” campaign—Ebi-Mayo meaning a mostly mayonnaise, Ebi/shrimp croquette burger.
mayo shrimp  burger

Damn, that Mayo Shrimp Choco Burger almost looks as poisonous as 50% mayonnaise LOG KIT burger (3Yen | 2007-02-24 | Left) or even worse, the Kan-Nana Noodle Burger PUKE (3Yen | 2007-05-22 | Right).

BIOHAZARD burgerKan-Nana Noodle Burger PUKE!

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2 thoughts on “Japan biohazard alert–‘Choco Burger’!!”

  1. Choco-burgers be bad but BLUE BURGERS be better?


    Details in English at kotaku.com: Is This Blue Burger Amazing? Or Disgusting?

  2. Looks like [that blue-world burger] is copying Dennis Rodman’s father’s idea.

    Yes, Dennis Rodman’s father has been living in the Philippines since 1964.
    Yes, Dennis Rodman’s father makes (reputedly, pretty damn good) burgers in rainbow coloured buns.
    Yes, he named his shop Rodman’s Rainbow Obama Burger.
    Yes, Dennis Rodman’s father is named Philander.
    Yes, that is actually Philander Rodman Jr., so there is a history of philandering.
    Yes, he has carried on the philandering, with a brood of either 26 or 28 Philippino kids by various women.
    But most of all, yes, now we know why Dennis Rodman went all rainbow coloured with his hair.

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