Japanese-Lucha wrestling is spiritual, isn’t it?

spanker leader wife

Just a five minute walk south of the 3Yen headquarters in here in Ota Tokyo, a guru, Hiraiwa Kouzi, and his hot wife both self-proclaimed psychics of the cult, “The Romasophie Society,” were arrested today for, “hit with a stick butt hurt on women members” (Google Translate humor).

Sankaku Complex –Sep 17, 2010
Cult Couple Busted for Spiritual Spanking
A couple who ran a small cult have been arrested for spanking one of their female followers after she failed to complete her chores.
The husband (49) and wife (36) team operated as self-proclaimed “mediums,” leading a spiritual organisation they called “The Romasophie Society” from their Ota ward home in Tokyo
More and arrest video ….

cult couple spiritual spankers ota tokyo japan

However, I have negative sympathy for the for the cult’s so-called victims since right on the Romasophie Society’s website are videos and pages of description of their version of spiritual wrestling.

That’s right. The Romasophie Society offer Ja-Lucha wrestling lessons as part of spiritual enlightenment.

Read more drivel at the official website of Romasophie Society…

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6 thoughts on “Japanese-Lucha wrestling is spiritual, isn’t it?”

  1. More newspaper details at:
    16 September 2010 Mainichi News

    Official website –Romasophie Society
    Born in 1961, from Tokyo. I could see the shape of a spirit from a young age. We practice in earnest around 1995, he studied with Rudolf Steiner in the Astral Plane.

    Romazofi association established in spring 2002. Talk started writing activities performed exorcism widely seen throughout the healing spirit. Are also working on the development of professional psychics Seminar.

    In his book on the road to spiritual awakening] (Natural Spirit), know the heart of this [animal] (art publishing center), History of Japan from the perspective of world history as seen from the spiritual point of view] [Spiritual ( above) (M)] (Natural Spirit) there.

    >> Information and counseling by Hiraiwa Kouzi

    Romazofi of “Roma” is to “create a story” that makes sense. This is an ancient Celtic romance was the origin of the word. The “Sophie”, the “wisdom” comes from the Greek meaning. Romazofi (virtual Satoru Satoru) is “making the imagination” by working with the spirit world, their imagination to achieve in the physical world, the idea that words represent.

    romasophie homepage

  2. Thanks man. That was fun hearing about spirituality thats weirder than fuck..

  3. I do not understand this post. I mustn’t be getting something realbasic here.

  4. Translated from Japanese by Bing
    “When you go to the hospital because I can’t stop coughing and get medication at the pharmacy told me that ‘health magazines put it’, this is it.”

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