Robo ‘Kan-CHO!’ in Japanese higher education

The dread Kancho—ass-poking prank (explained) of Japanese schoolkids—seems to have filtered its way up to higher education as witnessed by the following following photo taken at the Future Robot Center of the Chiba Institute of Technology just outside of Tokyo.

kancho attack on  robot
Fair use – Parody
Gh ETToY IMAGES DayLifedotcom — September 18, 2010
Chiba Institute of Technology, Future Robot Center, unveils a proto-type model of a large humanoid robot 'Core', which can carry over 100kg weight at demonstration at the college's laboratory in suburban Tokyo… The 190cm-tall, 230kg two-leg robot, equipped with 12 powerful actuators with shock absorbers, was developped to carry elderly or disabled people.

soft machine robot
Japan has a real hard-on for nursing care robots since its aging population is the just about the oldest in the world and it also has the lowest birthrate which together has already created huge shortages of heath care workers. Sadly, most of the famous Japanese robots like ASIMO cannot even lift a patient’s tray of food let alone an entire patient. The robot is on the right track, by tying to boost its strength—anthough this power-lifting robots look worrying such as the bot featured in, Stroke my soft machine (3Yen | 2006-03-01) shown on the left.

For reference:kancho-attack
The Kancho (kancho japanese wikipedia) is a prank often played in Japan; it is performed by clasping the hands together so the index fingers are pointing out and attempting to insert them sharply into someone's anal region when the victim is not looking. Similar to the wedgie or a goosing, the kancho, however, involves physical contact which is quite as intimate or direct. A kancho is often executed simultaneously as the offending party loudly emphasizes the second syllable of “Kan-CHO!”. More at

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4 thoughts on “Robo ‘Kan-CHO!’ in Japanese higher education”

  1. Damn, that was the MOST exciting demo video evar. Ok, ok, maybe getting a double ‘Kan-CHO!” during the demonstration would have been an improvement.

  2. It might be just me, but did anyone else think this was real geeky?! You know I don’ mean it in a negativeway though.

  3. There’s something delightfully objectifying about being taken from behind. It’s not about romance, eye-contact, and connection. It’s about visceral use and physical need. It’s depersonalizing – you can’t see the person fucking you – and there is a sense of almost animalistic invitation to presenting yourself with your knees spread and your ass in the air waiting to be fucked. You know that what they’re looking at is your ass or your cunt, and all you can think about is how it will feel when they open you up and push their way in.

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