Tokyo Metro Human Centipede

October’s train manners poster for the Tokyo Metro features warnings about the horror potentialities of overcrowding.

Official Tokyo Metro website

tokyo train crowd packing queue pushing

Tokyo trains run at 210% of capacity during rush hours so it’s “100% Medically Accurate*” for a situation like the film, The Human Centipede (2009
tokyo-metro human centipede

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28 thoughts on “Tokyo Metro Human Centipede”

  1. That movie was a turd on a stick… It was not even a movie, it was a “looky pooper to mouth, ewww grosss” brainfart… And I just realise that I summed up more than the whole movie with this quote…

    Sharktopus was a masterpiece compared to that…

  2. Coligny wrote:
    That {Centipede} movie was a turd on a stick…

    Actually, I never saw the film, AND I DON’T PLAN TO.
    True be told, I never, never, ever watch horror movies—I just mock the crap here.

  3. Almost any moron can confront a crisis – it truly is day2day living of which wears you out.

  4. 2012’s Tokyo Metro wall art vs the poster of 1927 promoting the opening of the proto-Ginza Line as, “The only subway in the Orient between Ueno and Asakusa.”

    tokyo metro art 2012 vs 1927 ginza line's opening poster

    white space is good for the soul

    What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.
           –Ecclesiastes 1:9

  5. Just when I thought we’d seen the last of the centipedes…Reese’s comes up with another one? :P or at least a meme-maker did…


  6. Speaking of trains…Check out the Human Centipede Shinkansen: The “Hayabusa Consolidated Uncle” that appeared suddenly in Shichinohe-Towada Station in Aomori Prefecture.

    The Uncles’ Bullet Train is serious…details here

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