Cheez-whiz fondue chicken burger?

Yet another alert about Japanese BIOHAZARD burgers!*

Chicken-for-Love logo mcchicken burger
Chicken-McDs selection photos
Chicken-for-Love©, aka the new Cheese fondue McChicken burger. Even McDonald’s calls it, “I con’ chicken,” as in, ‘I conned you into eating this crap concoction.’

Let me describe that cheese fondue McChicken…

  • Cheeze-wiz fondue coating a patty of parts of mystery chicken,
  • Breaded and deep-fried, slapped onto a soggy bun,
  • Slathered in sweet, MSG-ladden, Japanese mayonnaise,
  • Topped with wilted lettuce, faux bacon and a slice of processed cheese for good measure.
  • cheese fondue mcchicken burger - アイコンチキン チーズフォンデュ

    *Previous poisonous burgers alerts from us include:
    LOG KIT burger (3Yen | 2007-02-24 | bottom right)
    Biohazard alert–’Choco Burger’! (3Yen | 2010-09-16)
    Travelers alert — biohazard burger (3Yen | 2007-02-24)
    Kan-Nana Noodle Burger, PUKE!(3Yen | 2007-05-22)
    Kan-Nana Noodle Burger PUKE!
    . BIOHAZARD burger..

    UPDATE: The Rinka blog reminds us that these McChicken products are made from

    Fondue burger idea via MiaInger‘s twitter from #laurelrinkya

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    9 thoughts on “Cheez-whiz fondue chicken burger?”

    1. Heh….nothing is as bad as toxic faux cheese in them Almond-cheese snacks…..
      J-folks love em, per blog below, but after tasting them meself….bleah….
      the senbei and almond are good, but the toxic faux cheese…..worse than the mayo you are complaining about from J-McDees…..

      チーズアーモンド 三幸製菓 —

      fake cheese
      袋を開けると・・・ cracker japanese
      カロリー 483kcal / たんぱく質 19.0g / 脂質 22.7g / 炭水化物 50.3g

      Japanese to English translation

      ↑ 100g per cheese almonds nutritional value. 20 pieces per bag)
      No. 231 yen price? Buy 139 yen.
      ♪ like a long time
      Old! I was really addicted to eating well past.
      I still have …. I’m from out of a similar Bourbon
      Choose familiar here.
      Ah, cheese, remains of the old (lol) a little stiff ashiness
      There, I love feeling cheap. The soy sauce slightly
      薄焼Ki and cracker, and a combination of almond flavor
      Downright exquisite!
      This rice crackers nutrition down pat. After catching the taste with just
      I wish – I can get more into the mainstream, quietly cheer.

    2. Yeah, that senbei cheese is vile, but it not meant as a meal as the poisoned Mayo burgers are in Japan.

    3. Letme guess, you got straight A average in highschool on this subject, right?…lol I thought so.

    4. CHEESY!
      Here in Wisconsin we’re a lot more than wino cheeseballs and badBeer. Sheeee-it, we’ve got fake wood-grain panelling, asbestos dropCeilings, and bowling4dollars as well!

    5. I spend 10 to 15 minutes daily reading this blog while sitting on the toilet with a cup of coffee.
      You move me.

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