Robo-teddy vs Japanese Alzheimer’s

Japan’s fetish for the last century’s Tamagotchi…
This teddy bear bot has a camera in its nose to snoop on you, and according to Gizmodo it has, “sensors embedded in 13 places, reacts to touching or stroking making it fall asleep and snore–quite a big snore.”

Robot teddy bears attack Alzheimer’s
The Register | 2010/10/08
…This new high-tech teddy… was designed by Fujitsu to treat geriatric dementia…
….Animal therapy, Fujitsu notes, is used today to provide psychological comfort to patients, and so it stands to reason that: “Robot therapy offers advantages such as not having any of the hygiene-related problems that can accompany animals and of course, these robots do not bite.” ...more….

teddy bear fujitsu koguma

These poor Japanese engineers are have a fetish for the last century’s Tamagotchi. PARO robotThe problem is these therapy bots have FAILED repeatedly in tests and the market as the 3Yen reported in:

Poor Paro — the unemployed Robo-seal
paro robot seal japanese

Japanese engineers ought to just follow their dreams…

…their damp dreams.
japanese robot girl

robot skin babe robo girl
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  1. Japanese therapy robots?
    Ha, ha, that’s any girl in Roppongi after three drinks.

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