Japan’s continuing ‘Lost Decade(s)’ force fembots to sing for their supper

The 3Yen’s reporter, Robo-Rob Pongi, spotted this video of our favorite fembot, HRP-4C-chan*, singing at some scruffy tradeshow.

HRP-4C, a singing “divabot” mimics human singers….
… in the nightmares we will have about her and her creepy corpse eyes.

via Japanese Scientists Teach World’s Creepiest Robot to Sing

Japan Robo Bojutsu Badass


As we reported before, poor little HRP-4C-chan just can’t keep a job as Japan enters its third “Lost Decade” of economic decline.

Before her current sad existence eking out a living as a singing booth bimbo, the HRP bot was a badass security guard (3Yen / 2005-12-01, Above). untitled-folder_4Next it had a sex-change to become a naked model (3Yen /2009-07-22, Right). Then, she even failed as in her short fling as a bride Details at: (3Yen / 2009-07-22, Below).
Japan – Designer wedding dress for Japanese ROBOTS

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  2. sidebar-quote long Robots are things that don’t do useful things. Once they eventually work, we call them what they are, like ‘dishwasher’ or ‘toaster ‘or ‘drone.’
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