Let’s Hitler Happy Halloween!

Since I just posted an old 2007 photo of the bEAUTY sMILE ☺ tRAINER, I might as well also post this even older photo of a Japanese “Halloween” Hitler costume (circa 2006).

halloween japan hitler
The Most Inappropriate Halloween Costumes Of All Time (slideshow)
huffingtonpost.com | 2010/10/05
via Dailyhitler.blogspot.com

strong tiger maskThese super-tacky Japanese costumes are geared for cheap fun at company parties in Japan as shown in a great photoset on Flickr by Goemon (see right).

Wearing the cheap Hitler costume would be MUCH more common at a Japanese company’s Christmas party where masks are very common rather than a Halloween costume—Halloween costumes are still a novelty in Japan mostly for children of the more well-to-do.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Hitler Happy Halloween!”

  1. Hitler was into cosplay…

    Weird Photo Of Adolf Hitler In Japanese Kimono
    inquisitr.com / 2015June21
    Hitler is shown in the photo dressed in a robe that appears to be a Japanese Kimono. Independent verification of the authenticity of the photo is difficult, but according to the U.K.’s Express, the photo is likely authentic, although its origin is unknown. It is believed to have been produced to commemorate the November 25, 1936, signing of a pact between Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan...more

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