Carrying a knife as ‘Self-protection’ from mutant Japanese crows

Since the first emperor, the National Bird of Japan (3Yen / 2009-07-27) has been the crow with a bad attitude, so it no wonder this Kinky Kinki official of Ministry of Land feels the need carry a 6 inch (13 cm) knife as ‘Self-protection’ against the national, mutant, 3-legged crow (above left).

“Self-defense from the crows” – Ministry Official Arrested for Knife Possession Next to Schoolyard
October 16, 2010 | The Yomiuri Shimbun [edited machine translation] —Charged with possession of a knife in close proximity to an elementary school, Mr. Masaya Hanawa, the chief of the National Highway Office of the Kinki Regional Development Bureau of Ministry of Land was taken into custody at the Hushimi Kyoto prefectural police station. Mr. Hanawa (age 36 of Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture) was arrested on suspicion of violating of the Firearms and Swords Control Law [which prohibits carrying a knife with a blade 5.5 cm (2.5 inches) or longer*].
Japanese carrion crows
Around 7:30 am, Mr. Hanawa was found in the street next to the playground allegedly carrying knife approximately 13 cm [6 inches] in Fushimi-ward, Mukaishima CIty, Kyoto. He claimed to be carrying the knife in his briefcase, “for protection against attack by crows.”
Because several crossbow bolts [arrows] were shot into the school grounds a few days before, the police increased their patrols of the school. At the time of an arrest, suspect Hanawa was found peering over the school’s fence and upon a search the police found six bolts fitting a crossbow in the suspect’s briefcase.

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crow in flight Japanese National Tree concrete utility pole

The crows of Tokyo are aggressive as hell but carrying a six inch hunting knife is not really necessary. There would not even be a crow problem, but Tokyo is ruled by birdbrains (3Yen / 2005-02-07) who 20 years ago eliminated the use of covered garbage cans thus causing a massive increase of crows ripping open trash bags on the streets.

By the way, check out my remix of the sounds of Autumn and crows of my neighborhood: Electric Crow Funk on Tokyo (MP3, 1.5MB).

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2 thoughts on “Carrying a knife as ‘Self-protection’ from mutant Japanese crows”

  1. I’m a knife enthusiast and collector, as well as a frequent camper.First off, you are correct about the 6cm limit for carry. It also must be concealed – meaning that it can’t be carried in a holster or on a keychain clipped to your beltloop, or even clipped to the top of your pocket. It has to be at deep in your pocket or in a bag. I lost a good pocket knife — my favourite Al Mar — when a cop decided to confiscate it because the clip was visible.

    Also don’t forget that any knife with a blade length of more than 15cm (5 7/8 inches) is not lawful for possession – even at home – unless it is a cooking or fishing implement, or you have filed for an exception with the prefectural public safety commission. I have a 40cm blade handmade Bowie knife that I have a permit for as it’s a piece of art, for example.

    Camping is a sort of grey area in that you have to be demonstrably heading to or from a site. There was a case a few years ago where a manga artist got pulled over on the expressway and they found his camping knife in his trunk and charged him because he wasn’t actually on his way to or from a campsite at the time, even though he had other camping gear with it. Don’t pack a blade unless you’re actually underway.The officially recognized exceptions to the knife laws are cooking equipment and fishing equipment, and there is also an exception to the carry laws if the knife is part of a tool kit (meaning it has to be in a pouch or case with other tools). If you’re going on a camping trip, store your knife with your other gear until you get to your site. I usually toss it in a stuff sack with the cooking implements so that I can claim it’s for cooking, and thus legal no matter what. If you’re planning to do a little fishing, even safer if you toss it in with your fishing tackle. You won’t get in trouble for a knife if you’re on your way to or from a camping site with all your gear and have it stowed with cooking tools or fishing gear.

    If you’re taking trains, stuff the cooking implements and knife at the bottom of your ruck to make sure it’s not easily accessible.For everyday carry, I keep my legal limit pocketknife in a small zippered pouch with a multidriver and a few other small tools that I can toss in a bag or in a jacket or rear pocket. This constitutes a tool kit, and adds a layer of legal safety should a cop decide I need searching. I also leave it at home or at the office if I intend to do any drinking, just in case the bar I’m in gets rousted for some reason or another.

    —via | tokyohoon comments on About carrying a knife….

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