Tokyo’s tobacco police patrol the streets for smokers

tobacco police tokyo japan

Keeping people employed Japanese style! The new cigarette police out on the beat in Shinjuku

via Twitter / Melanie Brock | Oct. 20, 2010

While it may sound draconian, Tokyo’s tobacco police patrol the super-packed sidewalks for smokers near crowded stations and other busy areas in the heart of Tokyo’s government and business district to keep them from setting each other on fire and and because of complaints that smokers hold their cigarettes close to the face level of children.* The fine for smoking 20,000 yen ($246 USD), which is forbidden on the streets of the Chiyoda, Shinagawa, Shinjuku and Nakano wards of central Tokyo (BBC).

smoking clean child danger japan
This “Smoking Clean” poster campaign warns of the danger smoking poses to children on Tokyo’s crowded streets (3Yen | 2007-10-12).

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5 thoughts on “Tokyo’s tobacco police patrol the streets for smokers”

  1. Here’s the prototype of the patrol car that tobacco police is using to patrol the narrow streets of Tokyo for smokers…


    It’s a trap! Police car meant to reduce accidents is not quite what it seems
    RocketNews24 | 2015/03/26
    Speed traps, or cops hiding it wait to catch speeding or reckless drivers who pose a threat to others on the road, are nothing new. Even when manpower is lacking too much to have a police officer lying in wait, a conveniently placed police car can even do the trick, making drivers rethink their actions and go easy on the gas. This particular police car, however, deserves a second glance...more...

  2. Saaaaa…
    It’s a constant battle to prevent this crap, which is everywhere in “clean” Tokyo.

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