Revenge of the sushi!

Realistic Tuna Sushi

Unsustainable overfishing has made the monster maguro-tuna—the most famous of all types of sushi—an endangered species. So, it was only a matter of time before tuna would try to seek their revenge as evidenced from the following report of the massive maguro-tuna attack.

Scuba diver dragged underwater by tuna | 10/25/2010
tuna_tasty-marketMANILA, Philippines –
A scuba diver was almost killed after a Tuna pulled him underwater while fishing off the coast of Saranggani province over the weekend, the Philippine Coast Guard reported
he was dragged underwater by the tuna at a depth of 300 feetThe scuba diver was then brought aboard a PCG search and rescue vessel, BRP San Juan, which is equipped with a recompression chamber, where he will undergo hyperbaric treatment.

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    Rift stalls EU quest to protect tuna
    Wednesday 27th October — News Portal….Atlantic nations will set catch limits at talks in Paris starting on Nov. 17, and the EU hopes to go there with a united negotiating position.

    Western scientists say stocks of the Atlantic blue fin — which can fetch $100,000 each at market — have fallen by around 80 percent over the last 40 years and overfishing threatens their survival.

    High-tech fishing vessels using echo-sounders have become so efficient at locating and netting the giant creatures when they congregate for their annual breeding time in June that a season's quota can be met in just 10 days.


    Most of the tuna are sent to Japan, where they are prized by sushi lovers.

    Damanaki advised ministers on Tuesday that catch limits should be set at around 6,000 tonnes during the November meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT), sources in the meeting said.

    The informal advice, was a sharp cut compared to this summer's limit of 13,500 tonnes, and the 2009 quota of 19,950 tonnes.. more...

  2. Sooo i caught this thing in the hio river on a shiner & i have no idea what it is. i consider myself fairly know-ledgeable when it comes to fishing….any help would be greatly ap-preciated

  3. When it comes to fishing, I think the Bass is the best tasting. I’m not a big fan of eating frozen food from far aways places. If I catch it, I’ll eat it anyways! Fishing is a fiddly sport but worth every second of it!

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