Corn soup flavored Corn Chips — only in Japan

When I first came to Japan following the migration of the mastodons, it was impossible to buy corn chips or eat nachos. Slowly that has changed to the point that every Japanese convenience store stocks corn chips in a myriad of flavors.
A new corn chip that I just tried this evening was Corn Potage Doritos—corn-soup flavored corn chips—Only in Japan.
corn soup corn chips doritos corn soup chips japan frito-lay new gourmet flavor..
These chips were not bad tasting. Corn potage (or bisque) soup is a favorite in Japan, so Japan Frito-Lay just released on October 18th what they describe as the, “Rich taste of corn soup and the thick taste of sweet corn reproduced in a corn chip–It is a luxury item.” (Japan Frito-Lay, Inc. | New Products ).

Another twist on Doritos from FritoLay Japan is their new flavor of Pepper Bacon — Yes that’s bacon flavored Doritos — Scarf that down!

FritoLay Doritos  Twist chipsFritoLay- Doritos Twist Pepper bacon..

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4 thoughts on “Corn soup flavored Corn Chips — only in Japan”

  1. This Japanese chip had me scratching my head: “Babitz, Noucou* Cheese Pizza (with Pizza taste!!)”

    Babitz, Noucou Cheese Pizza (with Pizza taste!!) 
    thumbsdown Little, bite-sized, round, cheesy crackers. The fake cheese smell is overpowering and the crackers fall apart in your mouth. I think they return to their chemical state as soon as moisture hits them.

    via A Rinkya Blog: Oct. 26, 2010
    Japan Snack Weekly

    *It took me a long time to figure out that maybeNoucou Cheese” is some sort of slang for ‘Nouveau Couture’ (「ノウコウ」NouCou/NooCoo/NuCou/or even NoCo)。

  2. That sounds sooooo unhealthly. I that Japanese food is good for you, right?

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