Japan deploys Flying Daleks as snoop-bots!

YouTube-Ministry-of-Defense robot in flight
Japan shows off its new Flying Daleks (Wiki) on NHK public TV!

Japan unveils flying surveillance robot
Nov. 8, 2010 | Crave – CNET
The Ministry of Defense recently showed off the spy drone at a base in Kamifurano, Hokkaido, in northern Japan, according to NHK news…The cylindrical robot is about 20 inches across… equipped with high-power cameras and GPS tracking. It can fly for about 30 minutes at a time….It seems like a heavy-duty version of the iPhone-controlled Parrot AR.Drone that turned heads at CES earlier this year, but no doubt its range is much greater...more...

Japan’s Ministry of Self-Defense claims these surveillance drones are being deployed to, “monitor volcanic eruptions, landslides and disaster areas” but we all all know they are just helping the Daleks deploy invasion forces across the country.

 Ministry of Defense Hiraku Kimi   a small UAVs YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Japan deploys Flying Daleks as snoop-bots!”

  1. Oh noooos!
    Japan’s has a new alliance with the Daleks!
    [image blocked]

  2. [image blocked]

    Their Alliance makes “sense” –The Daleks and Japanese cultures share the same values.
    we-luv-daleks japan

    [[Sorry the Commenting function is broken and I have to post this “anonymously.”]]

  3. My sister wuz wondering were her RC dildo was lost…

    >> It can fly for about 30 minutes at a time…

    Oupsy… mah bad… too short… totally useless, might be another one…

  4. Coligny wrote:
    My sister wuz wondering were her RC dildo was lost…

    Damn, It does look like a dildo more than a Dalek.

    [[Sorry the Commenting function is broken and I have to post this “anonymously.”]]

  5. you see what that guy did to the dildo ? My cats at home can do even better, they manage to learn how to catch my rc choppers from the landing skids in midair then smash them in the wall to kill the rotors. After that I have exactly 10 seconds to catch them before they run away to tear them appart in an unaccessible spot… It’s like that stupid copter chase in 98′ godzilla… except that it’s my credit card who is bleeding instead of crappy cgi…

    And… that’s an improvement… because, before they immediately made the link between the controller in my hand and the chopper behaviour… and they were attacking me to takeover the controls. (i know, hard to believe, but unlike my sexual prowess with the donkey and the 3 german shemale hookers, i’m not making it up…)

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