Harry Angel engRish?

A couple of days ago I did a double-take when I walked by this new business sign on the way back to my condo here in Tokyo.

WTF is a “Harry Angel” and what does “Harry” have to do with this engrish preshool?!


Sokka….Now I can make out the face of some sort of rat dog (dead?) called “Harry Angel” that supposed to be the mascot for this engrish preshool. However, all I can think when seeing “Harry Angel” is the the hard-boiled, potty-mouth, 1950s detective played by Mickey Rourke in the film “Angel Heart” (1987) – IMDb.

For more information refer to: Angel Heart (Wiki)

Sokka / i-understand-sokka is the masculine, casual version of “Aso ka” which is the shortened form of the formal Japanese phrase “Sou-desu-ka” meaning ‘I understand.’

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