Bears Haunting?

As the 3Yen has reported before, bears have coming down out of the forests—Japan is more than 50% mountain and forests— and are aggressively looking for their final big meals before the start of their winter semi-slumber (bears don’t fully hibernate here in Honshu, the main island of Japan).

According to signs have gone up warning of “Kuma shutsubotsu chui!” literally meaning “Bears Haunting Beware!” (but a better translation might be ‘There are bears about.”)
Beware Bears 300x

An interesting addition to the neighbourhood this year were the (very high tech) bear bells. Been plenty of bear action all over Japan this year and after one of our guys had a close encounter…more…
Canyons Japan:
Canyons Japan_ Scare bear

bear eats japanese girl
Previous 3Yen bear reports include:
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And remember the Sage says…
Well, dude, sometimes you eat the bear,
sometimes the bear eats you

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9 thoughts on “Bears Haunting?”

  1. Right now out in the boondocks of Japan, there are a lot of bear warning signs as the bears are gorging their final meals in the fall.
    However, it’s those dangerous obaa-chan/grannies that are biggest problem.

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