55 million yen for a gold pantless Miffy?

Miffy’s father, Dick Bruna, author of the children’s book featuring the iconic rabbit character came to Tokyo to celebrate the upcoming “Year of the Rabbit” and the release of special solid gold Miffy calendar. For 55 million yen or about 658,400 US dollars that gold calendar ought to at least feature full-fontal nude of Miffy, right?

gold naked miffy
2010.11.25 — SankeiBiz.jp/business/news

Ginza’s Tanaka jewelry is offering a pure gold “Miffy 2011″ calendar …weighing 6 kg of solid gold its price is 55 million yen… Dick Bruna, who attended the presentation said that the calendar was the, “world's most expensive Miffy item and I am glad some many people are interested.” .more...

Also refer to the previous 3Yen report of 2010-11-05

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7 thoughts on “55 million yen for a gold pantless Miffy?”

  1. Does the jewlery store include both of the CLONES employees in price?

    (WTF! I checked the source photo and it is described as, “an employee of Japan’s leading jewelry shop.” Yes, that’s only one employee—What gives? Are they clones in the photo? Twins?)

  2. someothergaijin wrote:
    Does the jewlery store include both of the CLONES employees in price?

    Damn if I know, ha, ha. The photo looks “real” and it came from here. If you turn up the contrast or dim the brightness of your screen you can see the white border separating the two photos.

    Photo-of-clones See original

  3. Hey! I think in this post are few mistakes. I am talking not about grammar or spelling, I am talking about information.

  4. Luxuriousness has a price tag but it’s worth it. Get pleasure from it!

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