KIRIN ‘FREE’ beer for all!

Truth in advertising:new value-free Kirin beer

I gotta say that goofy Google Translate of Japanese PR resulst in a lot more fun than the original Japanese. In this machine translation, the “Giraffe” is what Kirin means in Japanese and “Free” means non-alcoholic beer in Japanese, meh.

KIRIN News (Press Release) | 2010.11.24:
KIRIN ‘FREE’ beer — the Giraffe has been renewed
Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. launched in April 2009 its “0.00% alcohol” is getting popular as a product with a new value-free Kirin beer—Renewal of taste and packaging to switch gradually in its products in early December

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3 thoughts on “KIRIN ‘FREE’ beer for all!”

  1. When I was 6, I wore a dress, snorted hairspray, and danced around to YMCA records while wearing heels and dreaming of changing my name to “Poochie” while I stuck peacock feathers in my clenched buttcrack.

    Now, I vote with the Tea-baggers. See how things change (or not)?

  2. Pure black, frost, spikes, skin, war paint, corpse paint, the pure black metal—That’s what H. Kitty needs— Just cold, wood, spikes, and all that.

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