Japan’s super-secret ‘Zipper Ship’!

top-secret-ship-japan The Japanese have developed a new military ship… The Zipper Boat
WWNews | OSAKA — 
“It looks deceptively simple,” said U.S. Navy Commander, Robert Rinderman, “but it’s actually the most sophisticated Naval ship developed since 1980.”
The ship was designed to look like a zipper so that attacking naval ships would overlook it as some sort of gimmick.  It was also built to discourage pirates from trying to come aboard
The Zipper Boat will be operated by Japanese Robot Sailors, all female.  “We trust female robots more than male robots,” said robotic engineer, Taka Uzekomore

To loosely translate the words of the Zipper Ship’s creator Yasuhiro Suzuki:

Loneliness of the past and those of the past summer.
Remember the joy in warm weather,
The blue sky will ease the cold of the wind….

Description of Shibuya Bunkamura Museum’s exhibit of Tokyo Shibuya’s “Zipper Ship” Revealed!

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