Free WiFi in Japan…meh

promo-wifi-yokoso179x Free WiFi in Japan will still suck despite YOKOSO! Inc. (aka Japan Tourism Agency) latest effort. Why? Because sad-sack Japanese have been trained to think that the Internet in never free and that their crappy keitai/cell phones with the worst-in-the-world interfaces is the Internet ( Japanese cellphones suck | / 2006-08-29).

Put your money away, Japan says this Wi-Fi on us
Dec. 22, 2010 | Wall Street Journal
Tourists visiting Japan often complain that it is next to impossible to find free Wi-Fi hotspots in the country….
…the Japan Tourism Agency says it is promoting a plan to start offering free Wi-Fi at Japanese airports, seaports and other tourist spots starting sometime in 2011…
…The tourism agency said in order to make Tokyo airports like Narita and Haneda into regional hubs, it has to start offering free Wi-Fi…It also plans to make the service available at about 100 tourist information centers throughout Japan.

If you are ever stuck without a WiFi connection in the Tokyo area, the best bet is find one of the zillion electronics stores with a coffee shop next to it, which inevitably will have a free WiFi connection. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay 500 yen ($6 USD) for a WiFi connection that is available at most train and subways stations and suffer using log-on menus all in Japanese (enhanced with a worst-in-the-world interface that Japan is famous for). Manga cafes and “NetCapsule” hotels ( / 2009-08-03) are also a great way to get online in Japan if you are a tourist.
Most McDonald’s and many Starbucks in Japan offer “mobilepoint” for 350 yen/m but once again the sign-up and log-in process is all in Japanese.

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  1. >“Fire sheep” to understand why.

    I did… I what I founded… was a whole new dimension of sekshual perversion…

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