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Lucky Japanese shite

As I have mentioned several times before, the great Golden Turd of Tokyo (3Yen / 2007-05-19) , is a must-see for anyone’s visit to Japan.

The Most Famous Poop in Japan
J-List side blog: 2010/12/30
A source of good luck in Japan is…poop, due to the similarity of the word for the bodily function (unko) to the word for “good luck” (unki). That's why when a seagull happened to release an unpleasant package squarely on my daughter's head one day, my wife exclaimed, “That's great, Rina! I always knew you were lucky!” The most famous poop in Japan is the Asahi Super Dry Building near Asakusa. While the company insists the “golden flame” represents the frothy head on a glass of Asahi beer, everyone knows it's a talisman to bring good luck and money to the company. It's common for people to improve their personal luck by carrying a good luck charm in the shape of a poop, and we've got a golden poop phone strap on the site for you today, to help you get more money in 2011!
golden poop building tokyo asahi hq
Asahi Beer Headquarters in Asakusa
More …

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turds made of brownish soybean paste from Japan The Flusher King

*Asahi Brewing Headquarters
photo via
pureandapplied’s flickr

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4 Responses to “Lucky Japanese shite”

  1. Jim Blah Says:

    What a shitty post!

  2. net-zombie Says:

    I got online this morning to check my email and mess around on facebook for a bit. Next thing I know it’s 7pm, my legs are totally numb, and I have this nasty trail of dried drool down my chin. That internet coma completely ruined my day!

  3. Thomas Crapper Says:

    Blah, blah blah, what is this poop, heh?

  4. ShunSakaki Says:

    More via ShunSakaki

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