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Collected boxes ‘with children’ for hungry bears in Gunma Pref. Japan

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I looove how this news report could be misread as, “We've collected boxes with children—Please give them to bears.” Yummy.twisted smile

Wildlife protection group receives 300 boxes of acorns for hungry bears
The Mainichi Daily News | 2011/Jan/15
The Japan Bear and Forest Society's Gunma Prefecture branch in Takasaki has so far received about 3.5 metric tons of acorns which it will spread across mountains in the region in a bid to provide more food to bears…Beware Bears 150xThe scorching heat of this past summer caused food shortages in mountain areas, leading bears to stray into residential areas nationwide in search of food last autumn, with some of them ending up shot dead…
… over 3,000 individuals and groups from across the country responded to the request and offered acorns collected from Japanese oak and beech trees… Many of the boxes delivered to the organization were accompanied by messages reading, “Please give them to bears,” or “We've collected acorns with children”more

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And remember the Sage says…

Well, dude, sometimes you eat the bear,
sometimes the b
ear eats you


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2 Responses to “Collected boxes ‘with children’ for hungry bears in Gunma Pref. Japan”

  1. Allison Says:

    TY for posting the bear warning, but it’s not very helpful for Japanese girls like this one. ;-)

  2. Taro Says:

    due to a few recent bear abductions, signs have been posted throughout the area warning bears not to take candy from kids
    Warning: Don’t Take Candy From Kids Mysterious warning sign do not feed bears

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