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Thought experiment
Nature Magazine | 12 Jan. 2011
[I put on] an odd type of swimming cap, criss-crossed with cables and studded with red and blue knobs. At the flick of a switch, the 17 red knobs send infrared light 2 to 3 centimetres into my brain, where it is absorbed or scattered by neurons. Photoreceptors in the 16 blue knobs retrieve whatever light bounces back to the surface. Buried in the signals, say the researchers operating the system, are clues that can distinguish depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and a normal state of mind.
….the technique, called near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and developed by Masato Fukuda, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist at Gunma University Hospital in Maebashi, and the Hitachi Medical Corporation in Tokyomore

Why do I call them, “HAPPY HATS™”?

I think the girl above wearing the S.Q.U.I.D. cap in the above photo is a member of Aum Shinrikyo, the poison-gas, death cult who gained international notoriety in 1995, when it carried out the Sarin poison gas attack in the Tokyo subways.

Shoko Asahara - Lord Death
Aum used to promote their “Perfect Salvation Initiation” headgear, aka HAPPY HAT™, as a method of attaining enlightenment. The fruitcake guru of Aum, Asahara Shoko, is shown in the picture on the right wearing the Happy Hat™.
Many times outside Eibsu Station in the Shibuya Ward of Tokyo, I watched the Aum cultists wear crazy caps and sing a chant that went:

Every child has a HEADGEAR, a HEADGEAR, a HEADGEAR
happy headgear childuntitled-text-5happy headgear child

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  1. Knock knock, who is there?
    Your MonopolyElectricCompany with another butt reaming bill—Just get solarcells.

  2. UPDATE: Hitachi is still flogging this device,

    Hitachi unveils headset to study brain activity
    Technology Sep. 15, 2011 – 07:00AM JST ( 10 )
    brain wave mad scientist from hitachi
    Hitachi engineer Takeshi Ogino dispays a portable brain-machine interface equipped with an optical sensor.
    TOKYO —A Japanese research team on Wednesday unveiled a headset they say can measure activity in the brain and could be used to improve performance in the classroom or on the sports field.
    Engineers from Hitachi working with university scientists say the lightweight headset will accurately measure minute changes in the amount of blood in the brain—a key indicator of how hard the organ is working.
    They said numerous wireless devices could be run simultaneously, with the data displayed on a screen in real time, allowing researchers to monitor the performance of up to 20 people, or a whole sporting team, at once.
    The Japanese electronics giant said it currently has no plans for a commercial launch of the equipment, which uses near-infrared light to detect the amount of blood in the brain.
    Scientists studying cognitive performance have previously had to use highly artificial environments, such as laying people in a dark tube and keeping their heads still, said Ryuta Kawashima, head of the research team.
    But the newly developed gear will allow them to take measurements in real-life situations where human brains are interacting in complicated social situations, said Kawashima, of Tohoku University.
    “One of my dreams is to help individuals better perform in society,” said Kawashima, the scientist behind the smash-hit “Brain Training” games on Nintendo consoles.

  3. Every girl has a HEADGEAR, a HEADGEAR, a HEADGEAR…

    Cthulhu’s Happy Headgear

    Cthulhu Headgear
    Awaiting for this fashion to hit the Harajuku scene…

  4. Aum happy hat elephant headdress
    In 1990, Aum Shinrikyo decided to field some candidates from their “Supreme Truth Party” for the Upper House Elections. They lost in dramatic fashion; the way Aum Shinrikyo went about trying to win voters was more memorable than their candidates: “The Aum campaign itself was widely ridiculed, for it consisted largely of members donning Asahara masks and elephant hats signifying the Hindu deity Ganesh, and putting on song and dance performances and singing a ditty that endlessly repeated his name as they tried to attract people on the Tokyo streets.”
    Aum Shinrikyo: Austere Japanese HodgePodge SciCult


    Unbelievable? Below is a short video clip of the Aum’s happy headgear in action.
    (I may be one of the onlookers in the crowd of the video since I watched the Aum freak show many times at Ebisu station Tokyo.)

    Click to view.
    Aum Shinrikyo japanese cult sarin poison gas attack video elephant masks

  5. wearing the S.Q.U.I.D. braincap in the above photo is a member of Aum Shinrikyo, the poison-gas, death cult

    squid brain

    Mmmmm, squidnuts.

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