Childless school daze

With Japan’s negative population growth (3Yen), more and more Japanese schools look like this
caution old children japan

View the original, full-sized photo at LOMO Diary | 2010.12.30 [Google Translate]
—Daily life scenes taken with a Soviet LOMO LC-A camera—
…the gate in front of an elementary school [outside Nagoya Japan].

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3 thoughts on “Childless school daze”

  1. A few weeks ago I saw Sasquatch on an iPhone while riding on the back of a unicorn being chased by a chupicabra. T’was the 31st or 32nd of December I think. I really hope that iPhone is robust.

  2. Doctor Dada wrote:
    A few weeks ago I saw Sasquatch yaking on an iPhone…

    Did you really mean to say “YAKing”?
    yak cowboy[hee, hee]

  3. In my opinion, the photo appears to be a juvenile Sasquatch on on the back of a bisexual-unicorn being chased by a Chupicabra, and it is not a cowboy on a yak.

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