The perfect Japanese Valentine

Frequent commentator here on the 3Yen, MARKed TRAIL, sent in this prefect alternative for Japanese girls who have to give Valentine Chocolate to their guys on February 14th. Soon to be offered by Domino’s Japan will be a happy-heartful pizza!

domino's japan heartful pizza delivery
Available from February 10 to 14.

As one wag put it:

I wonder what they’ll do for HowaitoWhite Day?

“White Day” japanese whiteday (Wiki) is March 14th when Japanese men are supposed to but generally forget to give a reciprocal Valentine to their women. One traditional Japanese gift possibility in white could be…
japanese jizz for whiteday

*Learn more about the strange fun of Japanese Valentine’s days in the 3Yen reports:
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Screwy Japanese chocolate for screwing

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9 thoughts on “The perfect Japanese Valentine”

  1. Most reasonable looking pizza I’ve seen in a long time here except -what are those white blobs on the thing? Butter? Mayo? Mochi? Banana?

  2. MARKed TRAIL wrote:
    It must be round slices of kamaboko/fish paste.

    Damn. It does look like kamaboko slices.

  3. Taro writes:
    .. Domino’s standard… shredded, processed cheeze-food

    Ah you mean mozzarelloid…In truth the stuff is not that bad on tacos but putting it anywhere near a pizza is unfortunate.

  4. … in addition to the shredded, processed cheeze-food on Domino’s standard

    Ah you mean mozzarelloid. In truth the stuff is not that bad on tacos but putting it anywhere near a pizza is unfortunate.

  5. As a card-carrying, STG*, I am fully willing to admit that pizzas do not need to be made in a wood-fired brick oven and with mozzarella di bufala campana (buffalo mozzarella). However, ya gotta draw the line: “Mozzarelloids” are NOT cheese.

    *Specialità Tradizionale Garantita

    ///Yeah, yeah, I know— “Cool story bro.”

    cool story bro graphic..

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