Japanese ‘Small Vegetables’ grow-op for ‘Ornamental’ office plants!

Unlike the euphemisms used by most Western companies offering hydroponic grow-ops with artificial lighting for growing ‘tomatoes’ (and not, heaven forbid, marijuana),smoking homegrown leaf I am sure this Japanese company, Riken Dengu Seizou Co Ltd., is deadly serious about replacing ornamental foliage plants in offices with ‘Small Vegetables’, hee, hee.

Small Vegetable Plant Designed for Ornamental Purposes
NIKKEI– Tech-On! | Jan 25, 2011 small-veggies grow op suit wearing  salaryman japan
being grown in the plant were lettuce and leaf lettuce, which can be used for sandwiches and salads. In addition to making a greener environment, the vegetable plant is expected to create a better recreation area in workplaces and homes than traditional ornamental plants because people can pick vegetables and eat them for lunch ...more

small-veggies grow op japan office

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5 thoughts on “Japanese ‘Small Vegetables’ grow-op for ‘Ornamental’ office plants!”

  1. If you follow the NIKKEI link, the captioned photo also shows slightly more typical salesman, ha, ha.

    salaryman grower
    The prototyped small vegetable plant… For comparison of the damage to leaves, only the uppermost unit is equipped with an LED light source, and the lower units use fluorescent lamps.
    —via Nikkeibp.co.jp — Tech-On!

  2. Do LED’s really provide that much light compared to MH & HPS’s? I know they run a whole lot cooler, but are they better?

    Just wondering, you know, in case I ever wanted grow……lettuce.

  3. Led color range can be fine tuned for the light frequency needed most for photosynthesis. No UV leaks… dirt cheap to run…

    Not growing anything but following closely anything led related…

  4. Eat your salad…

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