Hello Kitty’s decapitated head for Pod People

Yesterday at a press conference at their Tokyo head office, Sanrio dumped a load Hello Kitty’s iCrap™ on the market.
As you can see, it uses Hello Kitty’s decapitated head as a docking station and speakers for Pod People using Apple’s digital audio player. ;-)
hello-kitty iCrap
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2 thoughts on “Hello Kitty’s decapitated head for Pod People”

  1. I hear that decapitation is the preferred method of handling rabid cats like Hello Kitty.

  2. Joe Jim Bob wrote:
    …decapitation is the preferred method of handling rabid cats like Hello Kitty.

    Yep. Off with their heads!

    - Terrierman’s Daily Dose –
    The definitive test for rabies in a wild animal is done by decapitation, and there is even a tool made for the job, as unbelievable as that sounds. The tool is called the “decapitation guillotine” and it looks just like it sounds. The really hard-to-believe part is that it is made by an outfit called –wait for it — “Animal Care.” A guillotine! The sales pitch is as follows:
    “When it is necessary to remove the head of a rabies-suspect cadaver, our decapitation Guillotine does the job safely, cleanly, and easily. Features a screw-type mechanism that slowly lowers a cutting blade. Opening is 10″Wx14″H. Heavy steel construction then powder-coated. This is the only guillotine we know of that assures complete operator safety and gets the job done right.”
    One of the things animal control officers are warned about rabid raccoons is that “Regardless of who does the shooting, it is critical NOT TO SHOOT THE ANIMAL IN THE HEAD, as the rabies virus is concentrated in the brain tissue.”...more

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