Japanese haircut heads turn into ‘grow heads’

Today I spotted the Japanese hairdresser heads turned into grow heads on the 666 MURDA-MURDA JESUS tumblr today.

I have posted different photos of “repurposing” practice mannequin heads used by beauty school students before in Let’s ‘kakashi’ — scarecrow! (3Yen / 2007-08)
Mannequin heads as a japanese scarecrows..

Out on my Rice Ranch©, my neighbor teaches at a hairdressing college and all her students are required to buy a practice head with hair to practice cutting for the first couple of times. These heads have real Chinese hair or expensive synthetic hair and she says the students are too embarrassed to take them home but too frugal to throw them out.

See more kimoi/creepy examples of Japanese scarecrows in my previous reports:
. . . Japanese schoolgirls vs crows (3Yen / 2010-01)
. . . Japan’s brainless political scarecrows (3Yen / 2010-09)
creepy kakashi scarecrows

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7 thoughts on “Japanese haircut heads turn into ‘grow heads’”

  1. The singer MerrillGarbus is trapped in a box and tormented by 3 mannequin head sisters (who may or may not show up in my night-mares) in a mannequin factory run am0k…

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