DAMN that ‘Certain Country to the North’ [Canada]!

Japanese Homefront Might Make A Villain Out Of Canada
kotaku.com | Feb 4, 2011
THQ's Homefront the United States of 2027 faces an invasion by North Korea. For the Japanese release North Korea has been replaced with “A Certain Country to the North.” Damn you, Canada!… to comply with Japanese rating board CERO's guidelines…Homefront's Japanese publisher Spike has to make a few changes… North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has been removed from the game's opening movie, referred to in the game simply as the “Northern Leader” of “A Certain Country to the North”more.

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4 thoughts on “DAMN that ‘Certain Country to the North’ [Canada]!”

  1. Haha! I actually had almost the same article drafted for my blog, but yours is way better. Glad the idea worked out through for one of us!

  2. ・私は人民解放軍の野戦司令官です

  3. Commander Zen(bot) wrote:

    I am commander of the People’s Liberation Army
    – The Japanese archipelago is not just for the Japanese
    – The Cultural Revolution have been political
    – Took part in demonstrations for the National Interest
    So I say kill even faster –
    – Signed a memorandum that is no problem with Chinese Maru-fishing boat Incident.

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