Upside-down Japanese Valentine’s Day turned upside-down

kunky-ball nude  chocolate choco valentine for japanese men
Upside-down Valentine’s Day is always great fun. “Traditionally,” Japanese women are required to give chocolates and gifts to men*—men don’t give anything.
However, now Japanese women are wising up by turning upside-down Valentine’s Day upside-down and going lesbian.

St. Valentine rolling in his grave over Japan’s parthogenetic gift-giving
The Tokyo Reporter | Feb. 7, 2011
.confectionary maker Ezaki Glico surveyed 400 single women last month, the results were enough to make old St. Valentine turn cartwheels in his coffin.
When asking the respondents to whom they would be bestowing a gift of chocolate this year, in first place with 71.5 percent was “a female friend.” This was followed (multiple replies were recorded) by “Father, elder brother or younger brother” with 54.5 percent and “Mother, elder sister or younger sister,” with 37.5 percent.
In other words, males not an immediate family member didn’t even make it to the top three.

*Poor Japanese women age from 14 to 40 must give their bosses, male colleagues, boyfriends and teachers on February 14th as part of their social duty. That “obligation chocolate is called giri-choco which comes from the words giri (obligation) and choco, the shortened Japanese word for chocolate. Refer to:’s_Day#Japan

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5 thoughts on “Upside-down Japanese Valentine’s Day turned upside-down”

  1. It’s not all One World….

    Hundreds Face 2 Year Sentences for Valentine’s Day Dating
    2011/02/16 | Sankaku Complex
    Malaysian police have arrested scores of people for the crime of being in the same room together without being married; they face up to a 2 year prison sentence if convicted.
    Police report making 80 arrests for the Sharia crime of “khalwat” (being together with an unmarried non-relative of the opposite sex) in the state of Selangor alone, with more in other states and the capital as well.
    Those arrested were mostly frequenting hotels and public parks; if convicted they face up to 2 years in prison.
    The government-run campaign is based on a 2005 fatwa which identifies Valentine’s Day as a depraved infidel tradition...more

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