Funk the ‘Best’ Korea

Remember back on November 4th, the 3Yen posted about how “Best” Korea’s military parade in Slow-Mo?North Korean leader Kim Jong Il
Now the Danger Room of is reminding us in Japan that Kim Jong Il’s Super Sweet 69th Birthday Parties Kick Off, which means Lil’ Kim will shooting off his big taepodong at Japan again.

 North Korea shoots missiles ssm 1 PongiPongi anti-taepoDong

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6 thoughts on “Funk the ‘Best’ Korea”

  1. Dood… the Taepodong-2 is 3 times longer than a Scud, even for the modest Nodong and Nodong + they had to extend the Maz 7310 T.E.L. chassis to a 10×10 and 12×12 wheels drives configuration (from the standard Russian 8×8). Making it closer to a Topol/Topol M T.E.L. (МАZ-547/МАZ-7916). No way it could be launched from a multi tube launcher on the back of a regular KaMaz truck like in Pongi’s picshure…

    (BTW, for Maz TEL, browse only the Russian wikipedia, the english one have less than half the links available)

  2. Coligny wrote:
    … the Taepodong-2 is 3 times longer than a Scud… No way it could be launched from a multi tube launcher on the back of a regular KaMaz truck like in Pongi’s picshure…

    Dooode, those are PAC-3 Missiles (the “P” stands for Pongi) being fired against the TapMyDong2 missiles.
    dprk countermeasure

  3. BEST KOREA bests Japan!
    north korea flag waves high

    Football World Cup 2014 Qualifiers: North Korea jolt Japan with fractious win
    Daily Times – 16-11-2011
    North Korea beat Japan 1-0 in a tempestuous World Cup qualifier on Tuesday, the result largely academic with the visiting Blue Samurai already through to the final qualifying round for 2014. Pak Nam-chol headed the winner in the 50th minute, and the final whistle sparked wild celebrations at Pyongyang’s Kim Il-sung stadium despite the fact North Korea had already been eliminated. “We didn’t do anything right for 90 minutes,” Japan defender Yasuyuki Konno said. “They dominated us. We were pathetic.”

    north korea flag waves highnorth korea army animated
    best korea

  4. The roundeye dog-babies will cower at our large phallic missiles!

    We’ll fight like tigers roaring and chasing the hounds of hell back to their decadent West. Then we’ll make love to their comely breasted womenkind, bringing forth proud and muscular North Korean genetic stock from sea to shining sea.

    Limp-wristed POTUS is no match for the husky and virile Proud Leader! He slaps his massive, girthy member around all over the place while puny man-baby POTUS will need a diaper change.

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