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Sydney Morning Herald, Feb. 22, 2011 by Ben Groundwater
Japan's the only place I've been where toilets need a power source. (In other countries, some don't even require plumbing.) It's also the only place I've been where toilets require an instruction manual. In the name of journalistic integrity and my own strange curiosity, I've been trying to figure out what all the buttons on the right-hand side of the seat do.
The big red one stops whatever function you've accidentally started – that's well worth knowing. ...more...

The author has an “almost” correct travel tip about using the red button to stop Japanese hi-tech toilets. It’s a gr-r-reat idea except that for many Japanese squirting toilets like mine shown below, “red” is a relative term…
which red button on the japanese toilet

More exciting is that often Japanese public toilets will present you with two fun red buttons to choose! One red button will start start up flashing disco lights and bring a party right to your stall!


Press the wrong red button, and PARTY-HAPPY with the security guards and emergency services.

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  1. PS: The author “Ben Groundwater” has the perfect name for a toilet reporter in Japan since “Ben” means poop in Japanese making Ben Groundwater is a public hazard.

  2. The Ultimate Guide To Pooping In Japan
    tofugu.com | April 18, 2014
    toilets frequently have a standard chrome flush handle like you’re used to, although the handle might be smaller or it might be in a not-so-obvious place. But… let’s say you don’t find a flush handle. Your next move is to look for a sensor to cover up that will flush the toilet for you. If there’s a sensor, it might be on the back of the toilet, or it might be near the panel. If you can’t find a sensor, my final piece of advice (and one that should be your last resort) is to [DON’T] start pushing any buttons that you don’t recognize. I recommend doing this last, because occasionally these buttons summon a person to the bathroommore...
    Get your Japanese techmo-toilet wallpapers by tofugu.com.

  3. 55. Space Toilet
    Teach Yourself Japanese: The Eddie Trombone Case | 2014/06/21
    I began to look nervously around the lavatorial cockpit.
    On the right arm, where Star Trek’s Captain Kirk had a switch for shooting lasers at approaching Klingon ships, there was a row of buttons that activated streams of water at different strengths and temperatures and with great precision towards targets illustrated with some ambiguity by blue and pink circles, triangles, squiggly lines, and humanlike silhouettes. Below this row was a large red button with a dot in the middle that I was afraid to touch but suppose put into play some sort of doomsday function that would detonate the chair should there be some threat to national security or problem with the toilet paper

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