Underground digitized socks for Octopus Space Aliens—Japanese ‘Jika-tabi’ running shoes

Jikatabi navy

Better than high-heel sneakers or cloven hooves are Japanese Jika-tabi (literally “underground digitized socks*“). These “ninja shoes,” which are still used today by Japanese workers who need more agility, safety and grip than regular construction boots, are now making way for hi-tech toe shoes for octopus space aliens…

Japan makers jump feet-first into the five-toed shoe market
asahi.com 2011/02/22
FiveFingers, as the toe shoes are called, were named by Time Magazine as one of the “Best Inventions of 2007… just catching on now in Japan…toe shoes globe japan
….Tokyo-based MK Corp. is offering a five-toed lace-up health shoe it calls Globe….priced at around 12,800 yen… the soles that are the most interesting part of the Globe. To make the product unique and to give it a better grip, it has little suction cups on the soles. The white model with the red sole will invariably put you in mind of an octopus space alienmore
globe toe shoes snap red

jika-tabi alien toe shoes For more information, check out the shoe’s official website at: Globe.shop-pro.jp

For previous 3Yen reports on underground digitized socks aka Japanese ‘Jika-tabi’ refer to:
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*“Underground digitized socks” was my favorite computer mistake
in overly literal language translation that I
encountered when I worked on the HITMAN,
the Hitachi Machine Translation program.

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15 thoughts on “Underground digitized socks for Octopus Space Aliens—Japanese ‘Jika-tabi’ running shoes”

  1. In an 1832 sermon preached in the chapel of Rugby School and entitled School Boys Should Mix With The Octopus, Dr Arnold said: “Another way of mixing with our brethren, in a manner most especially pleasing to Christ and useful to ourselves, is by holding frequent intercourse with the octopus. Perhaps, to young men of the richer classes, there is nothing which makes their frequent residence by the sea so mischievous to them, as the difficulties which they find in the way of this intercourse. Inland, many a young man knows something, at least, of his eight-legged neighbours; but by the shore, the numbers of the octopii, and the absence of any special connection between him and any of them in particular, hinder him, too often, from knowing anything of them at all: an evil as much to be regretted on the one side as the other; and which is quite as mischievous to the minds and tempers of the school boy, as it is to the bodily condition of the mollusc.”
    via Momus

  2. The Vibram Five-Fingers shoes take on a tricky challenge of body mechanics. I can get quite complicatedespecially when it all starts with your feet. A minimalist or “barefoot” shoe can help the body mechanics of running by letting your feet function the way they ought to & not the way its forced to by shoes.

  3. I do not trust all of the concepts you have claimed about Octopus Space Aliens. They are very unconvincing and will certainly silly. Nonetheless, your Japanese ‘Jika-tabi’ running shoes look fun and I want to get some online.

  4. Hah, well those are “fashionable” toe shoes. What c1ever weirdo BlogBoy you are!

  5. Vibram Five Fingers shoes take on a tricky challenge. Body mechanics can get quite complicated. Especially when it all starts with your feet. These sport shoes are a minimalist or “barefoot” shoe that improves your body mechanics by letting your foot work the way it should and not the way it does in a shoe.
    vibram five fingers shoes sprint pink

  6. No matter the end-of-the-w0rld is perfect or not, you must not dis appear from my w0rld.

    word cloud love taro
    (Use my picture please. <3 xxx )

  7. Maker of Five-Toed Running Glove-Shoe Things is Paying Big to Settle Suit Over “Unsubstantiated” Health Claims
    Five-toed running shoe lawsuit: Vibram owes millions in settlement over health claims—
    Slate.com | 2014May08
    You know those running shoes, pictured below, that look like sock-gloves made out of a substance you’d use while cleaning a kitchen? They’re supposed to emulate the act of running barefoot, and became popular around the same time as other “return to the natural environment” trends like the Paleo Diet. But one of the companies that manufactures them, Vibram, has just agreed to pay $3.75 million and stop making “claims that FiveFingers footwear is effective in strengthening muscles or reducing injury” in a class-action settlement brought on behalf of buyers who felt swindled by “false and unsubstantiated claims about the health benefits” of the shoes.
    The FiveFingers’ Bikila EVO model — by Vibram

  8. Vibram is being forced to dish out $3.75m for its lies which sounds a lot like a full refund to everyone who ever bought a pair. Good riddance! Now all we have to do is get rid of Crocs, sport sandals, flip-flops, Birkenstocks, and Uggs and our work will be done here.

    –via streetcarnage.com

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