Tokyo Stock Exchange’s new ‘loose character’

Everything in Japan needs a cute Yuru-Chara, that is a yurui-character (lit. loose character)—the mascots that populate the land with the HAPPY (3Yen / 2010-10-20).


Tokyo Stock Exchange unveils new mascot
The Japan Times Online (Kyodo) | Feb. 23, 2011—The Tokyo Stock Exchange has unveiled its new mascot, Arrows-kun, to attract more young people and women to stock trading.
Arrows-kun (Arrows boy) is based on TSE Arrows, a TSE facility housing a revolving, ring-shaped electric bulletin board that shows current stock prices more
arrows-kun character mascot tse tokyo stock exchange

In this case, Arrows-kun, the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s new ‘loose character’ even has his own Twitter at as shown above.
keitai strap arrow-kun tseじゃーーん‼ボクのグッズの試作品です。でも、これは事情によりボツになってしまいました。。だからプレミアものですよ☆
Arrow-kunis only a day old and he already has his own “character goods” in the form of a keitai/cellphone strap shown on the right.
The whole idea of “Loose characters” was first promoted by the Japanese illustrator Jun Miura as masots having the following three aspects [Wikipedia Japan]:
. . . —Conveys a strong message of love of the locally.
. . . —Has a unique and lulzy posture of amateurism.
. . . —Combines much warmth, love, and looseness.

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  1. The busy lives of Japan’s super furry creatures
    Japan Times | March 3, 2011
    When first-time visitors arrive in Japan, a few things they may notice right off the bat include the juxtaposition of the high-tech and the ancient, the unfailing politeness of locals, and a curious fixation with cuteness – to wit, all the cute mascots that promote regions, historic sites, local specialties and events, the police, you name it. In recent years, these wildly imaginative mascots have exploded in popularity and profitability, bucking the downward trend of the manga and anime industries that have been declining for a decade. And, unlike multi-billion dollar stars such as Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, this variety known as “yuru-kyara” – which means something along the lines of “cheesy but lovable characters” more

  2. Yokohammer wrote:
    A splendid example of board-room thinking!
    Slap a happy face on it and our problems will be solved!

    Errr, umm… OK!

    smilly-face_ani copy

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