First radioactive ‘Black Rain’ … Now ‘Yellow Rain’ found in Tokyo!

yellow-cake party japanFirst it was radioactive Black Rain ( / 2011-03-22) and now it is Yellow Rain.
Just what resource-poor Japan needs—free Yellowcake* falling from the skies!

Cause of 'yellow rain' found to be pollen: weather agency
Kyodo Press, March 24, 2011 | TOKYO–The “yellow rain” seen Wednesday in the Kanto region surrounding Tokyo … the Japan Meteorological Agency said Thursday…[they] received more than 200 inquiries….about yellowish residue left on roofs and elsewhere by the rain, stirring concerns that radioactive substances had fallen after accidents caused by the March 11 quake and tsunami at a nuclear power plant…
…According to the Environment Ministry, large amounts of air-borne pollen were seen in the Kanto region and they fell with the rain on Wednesday…more…

yellow rain on japan

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5 thoughts on “First radioactive ‘Black Rain’ … Now ‘Yellow Rain’ found in Tokyo!”

  1. THE SKY IS FALLING! But I’m still buying radioactive Japanese gold just in case.

  2. The worst thing to come out of the Japan tsunami is the fear that it has created over nuclear power! Nuclear energy is far cleaner and safer then fossil power sources and better for the environment than damns.

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