6 thoughts on “First signs of radiation mutations in Japan”

  1. Contaminated food supplies will require the Japanese to import all their food from overseas for a long time (they already import 70%).
    Medical treatment costs will skyrocket, productivity will decline sharply, Japan’s debts increase far beyound the 200% of GDP they have now.
    Japan is finished.

  2. “Japan is finished?” Pffft! If 1000s of years of earthquakes and tsunamis followed by getting firebombed and then nuked followed by severe economic decline doesn’t “finish” off Japan, this won’t either.

    But hey- I’m sure the victims of this disaster appreciate your kind support and encouragement.

  3. we japanese have not given up. we just tired this topic, and do something else like work, drink, date, drive…

  4. wormgear Says:
    頑張れ頑張れニーポン!(Hang Hang in there Nippon!)

    顽张れない ニーポ! (Slack off Nippon!)

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